Tick Species in Manitoba

Tick species in Manitoba

According to studies, the Canadian province of Manitoba is experiencing a rise in tick populations. Learn more about ticks in Manitoba, the types of ticks, and how to keep yourself safe from those ticks.

List of Tick-Borne Diseases in Dogs

List of Tick-Borne Diseases in Dogs

There are only a few disease-causing ticks in the United States. Pets such as dogs and cats are vulnerable to tick bites. This is due to their exploratory nature. They may become victims of various diseases. Let us discuss the tick-borne diseases in dogs and how to prevent them.

American Dog Tick Everything You Need To Know

American Dog Tick: Everything You Need To Know

American Dog Tick, scientifically known as the Dermacentor variabilis, is abundantly found all over the United States. Learn more about the American Dog Tick, their distribution, their hosts, and how to prevent their bites.

How to remove a tick from a dog?

How To Remove A Tick From A Dog?

Ticks in dogs are not unusual, but you can remove them using tweezers. You have to grasp the tick to the dog’s skin closely and remove the tick in a straight and steady motion. Learn more about removing ticks from a dog effectively.


Tick bites and Summer: Keep A Lookout For The Symptoms

Are you going out to the beach or elsewhere this summer? It is essential to look out for ticks. Ticks such as Blacklegged Tick and Western Blacklegged tick are the vectors of Lyme disease-causing bacteria. Ticks are increasing in population around the United States, and it is crucial to stay safe during this summer. Learn more about Ticks and how it impacts you during summer.

Allergic To Red Meat Could Be A Tick Bite

Allergic To Red Meat? Could Be A Tick Bite

Alpha-Gal, also known as Red Meat Allergy, is a food allergy caused by a protein called Alpha-Gal. This causes an allergic reaction in those exposed to or who consumes meat from mammals. This allergic reaction was prevalent in certain parts of the United States. Learn more about Red Meat allergy, its causes, symptoms and how to treat them.

Comparing Ticks

Comparing Ticks, Spiders, Mosquitoes, Ringworm, Chiggers, Fleas, And Black Fly-Bites

As mites, arachnids, and insects can cause disease or be major pests, it is significant to understand their differences and similarities. These mites and insects are a public health threat in the United States. Some of their bites are like those of ticks in appearance. But there are very few features that differentiate tick bites from all the others. This blog will compare bites of Ticks and other pests, their effects, and how to prevent bites.

Deer Tick

What Does A Deer Tick Look Like?

Deer ticks are also known as black-legged ticks. They are scientifically termed Ixodes Scapularis. They are extremely small ectoparasites capable of spreading multiple diseases. Know more about Deer ticks, their anatomy, deer tick disease, and prevention through this blog.

Tick checklist

Tick Checklist: Before Your Outdoor Adventure

Ticks are hard to spot due to their minimal size (3-5mm in length). They transmit up to 65 diseases ranging from Lyme disease to Tularemia. If you are planning an outdoor adventure on a hot and humid day, it is crucial to have a tick checklist to prevent yourself from tick bites and their consequences. Learn more about the tick checklist that covers tick identification, removal devices, barriers, and prevention methods.

Myths about ticks

18 Common Myths About Ticks

There are several myths revolving tick bites, tick diseases, detection, and prevention. But they are not true. Before leaving your house for a woodsy getaway, read more about the myths surrounding ticks and learn the truth about them. Here are 18 common myths about the ticks that you should know that can enlighten your senses to look into the truth about it.

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