About Stop Ticks

“Stop Ticks on Humans, Dogs, Cats, Deers, and other animals” is an initiative sponsored and funded by STOPTICKS.ORG with the kindness and support of thousands of patrons who have suffered from debilitating tick-borne diseases nationwide.

We are dedicated to the prevention of Lyme disease and other tick-borne disorders by stopping the disease at its source, the tick. Our initiative is to study and implement environmentally safe methods of tick control thus reducing the incidence and prevalence of these diseases.

Lyme disease and other tick-borne disorders can have a debilitating effect on those infected, especially when not diagnosed at an early stage. Many scientific issues surround these diseases, including the lack of definitive testing and treatment protocols. Given this backdrop of medical uncertainty, the STOP TICKS mission is an important and timely public health initiative.

STOP TICKS was created to increase awareness about tick-borne illnesses, prevent tick bites, to study tick control, spread, and disease.

To better achieve its goals, STOP TICKS has assembled subject matter experts to research and compile the latest information, data, and statistics. With the support of our community, we provide useful and timely information on the rise of ticks in your communities, trekking, tourist and mountainous areas as well as in your respective states.


STOP TICKS is dedicated to finding safe environmental solutions to tick control, reducing the incidence and prevalence of tick-borne disease through education, research, and prevention.