Bat ticks: Myths and Facts

Bat Ticks: Facts And Myths

bat ticks can infest homes and other buildings, where they may come into contact with people and pets. As a result, it is critical to be aware of the dangers of bat ticks and take necessary measures to prevent them from entering your home. Learn more about the Bat ticks and how to control them.

American Dog Tick Everything You Need To Know

American Dog Tick: Everything You Need To Know

American Dog Tick, scientifically known as the Dermacentor variabilis, is abundantly found all over the United States. Learn more about the American Dog Tick, their distribution, their hosts, and how to prevent their bites.

Deer Tick

What Does A Deer Tick Look Like?

Deer ticks are also known as black-legged ticks. They are scientifically termed Ixodes Scapularis. They are extremely small ectoparasites capable of spreading multiple diseases. Know more about Deer ticks, their anatomy, deer tick disease, and prevention through this blog.

About Ticks

All You Need To Know About Ticks

Ticks, in simple words, are parasites that feed off the blood from their prey (which largely includes warm-blooded animals). Their hosts range from deers to humans. Once they spot their host to feed on, they tend to look for softer areas of their host’s skin to suck blood. It might wander around the host’s body a while to find the said soft spot usually around the host’s hairline, around skin folds, and behind their ears. Learn more about ticks, anatomy, tick diseases, and how to prevent tick diseases.

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