Deer tick vs. Dog Tick

Deer Tick Vs. Dog Tick

Ticks are majorly categorized as hard and soft ticks. Deer ticks and dog ticks are a type of hard ticks. They transmit a multitude of diseases ranging from Lyme disease to Tularemia. Learn more about their characteristic differences through this blog.

About Ticks

All You Need To Know About Ticks

Ticks, in simple words, are parasites that feed off the blood from their prey (which largely includes warm-blooded animals). Their hosts range from deers to humans. Once they spot their host to feed on, they tend to look for softer areas of their host’s skin to suck blood. It might wander around the host’s body a while to find the said soft spot usually around the host’s hairline, around skin folds, and behind their ears. Learn more about ticks, anatomy, tick diseases, and how to prevent tick diseases.

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