The Fascinating Science Of Can Ticks Survive In Water

The Fascinating Science Of Can Ticks Survive In Water

We know that ticks live in shady and moist areas around ground level. They hide inside tall grass and low shrubs to jump on their next prey. We can find ticks around the lawn, garden, and the edge of woods and forests. Their population tends to be higher in elevation, wooded and grassy areas where the creatures they feed on live and roam, including lizards, squirrels, mice, deer, rabbits, birds, and other rodents. They like to be in urban areas and on beaches in coastal areas. Sometimes, we can find ticks in the larvae and nymphs stages in piles of decomposing leaves under trees.

Here, the question is interesting, ” can ticks survive in water?” 

Let us read this article and find the answer to whether the ticks can survive in water or not.

Do Ticks Swim Or Drown?

No! Ticks cannot swim, but we cannot drown them in water with a plan to kill them. It is not a brilliant way to submerge a tick in water to get rid of it. On the other hand, flushing the tick down the toilet can help you. Why cannot they swim in water? Because their little bodies and tiny legs will not allow them to swim. When we submerge ticks underwater, it is not a problem for them. You know what? Deer ticks can survive in a submerged condition underwater for up to two to three days. 

If we keep ticks underwater, they will take several days to die. If we have a tick on the skin while showering, sitting in a bathtub, or swimming pool, ticks will survive fine.

Do Ticks Survive In Chlorine Water?

A swimming pool is a perfect way to cool down in the summer. But did it kill ticks? Do ticks die in chlorine water?

We use chlorine-based disinfectants frequently as disinfectants and oxidizers for swimming pool treatment. Chlorine is a weak acid, and it can kill a tick, but it is impossible to get that high of a chlorine level in a swimming pool. Generally, chlorine kills pathogenic microorganisms present in the water, But a high-chlorine level can cause eye and mucous membrane irritation. Ticks will not die in chlorinated swimming pool water. They can survive in most places and withstand any critical situation. But, swimming can help you reduce the risk of ticks sticking to your body. Even if you treat the pool with chlorine, salt, or bromine, they are not enough to kill a tick. 

Tick’s tiny legs are not long enough to distribute its body weight across the water surface. Some other species of spiders, like water striders, can walk on the water surface level. They spread their weight across a wider surface area using the high surface tension of water and their long waterproof legs. It is how humans can float on their backs in a swimming pool. 

Do Ticks Survive In Hot Water?

We hate to find ticks after spending time outdoors, but it happens often. After spotting, killing these ticks in chlorine water is difficult. We cannot get rid of these creatures so soon as they can live without food for weeks and months. Now the question is, can they survive a hot water bath?.

Yes! Ticks cannot survive in hot water. But it is not possible to kill them in warm or low heat water. There is some specific temperature range to kill ticks. A temperature above 130°F can kill ticks.

Is it possible to maintain this temperature while showering and sitting in a bathtub?

No! Our body cannot bear this high temperature. So if you find any ticks on your body, you cannot kill those ticks from your body through a shower or bathtub. Use tweezers to remove that.

Killing ticks with hot water cycle: A hot water wash cycle in a washing machine can kill ticks on the clothes. Using a washing machine, we can kill ticks latched onto the clothes and bedding, where we can set a high temperature required to kill ticks. Set the temperature above 130°F and keep clothes inside the machine for enough time to kill ticks. It is possible to kill them in the hot water cycle even without detergent. After submerging them in hot water for a long duration, toss them in the dryer. Thus it is possible to get rid of ticks. The hot water method is more helpful than the chlorine water method.

Is a hot tub helpful for killing ticks?

Dipping ourselves in a hot tub with a plan to kill ticks would not work. In hot tubs, the maximum temperature we can set is around 104°F. That is not enough to kill a tick. Even if you use chemicals like chlorine or salt, it also cannot help you kill ticks. But they will contribute to burns or allergies to the human body.

How Can You Spot Ticks In Water?

It is easy to spot the presence of ticks in water. It may enter the water bodies in the home, swimming pool, or bathtub through the users. We need to check the entire body after an outing.

Natural preventive methods to be away from ticks: 

Use these general natural ways to keep these parasites away without harsh chemicals.

  • Use cedar oil: a non-toxic way to avoid ticks and other insects. Spray this oil directly on clothes and skin. We can use this idea in both humans and pets. Cedar oil repels, irritates, and kills ticks.
  • Use homemade repellents by mixing the citronella essential oil, tea tree essential oil, peppermint essential oils, almond oil, or jojoba oil in appropriate proportion.
  • Use a mixture of eucalyptus oil, an effective tick repellent, and killer, with distilled water as a tick repellent. We can spray this mixture on skin, pant cuffs, and shoes. This method is safe for dogs too. 
  • We can use neem oil as a natural remedy to repel and remove ticks. We can also use this neem oil by mixing and diluting it with almond or other light carrier oil. It is safe to apply diluted neem oil to dogs. Apply a few drops of neem oil directly to the tick to remove it from our body.
  • Apple cider vinegar is another natural remedy to repel ticks. We can spray this on clothing and exposed skin, even lawn furniture. A combined solution of water, apple cider vinegar, and organic neem oil can also work as a tick repellent.  
  • Aromatherapy essential oils smell great, but the ticks hate the smell of lemon, orange, cinnamon, lavender, peppermint, and rose geranium. So they avoid latching on to the person who carries this smell. We can use any one of these oils with almond oil to rub on the exposed skin to repel ticks.
  • Regular eating of garlic or garlic capsules reduces the chances of tick bites in humans. This daily usage helps the body to excrete a scent that ticks hate.


Ticks can survive in water for some time. After using a swimming pool, check the entire body and hairlines for ticks. Water can wash off the ticks as long as they have not started to burrow. However, avoiding ticks is the best option to stay away from many deadly diseases. Use natural remedies and take preventive methods to save yourselves and your pets from these dangerous parasites.